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Lesbian Star Trek sex from Jolene

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Star Trek fans, rejoice. Here’s some hot pictures of Jolene Blalock as T’Pol making galactic, lesbian love with Linda Park as Hoshi Sato aboard the Enterprise. With a bunch of douchebags with a one-track course to completing missions for company, it’s no wonder these two hot chicks decided to quit cocks and start munching on each other’s pussies. And I guess they realized it’s better than straight fucking, because look at these two sluts, Jolene especially: she’s so eagerly licking Linda’s clit, probably trying make her moan her loudest, and Linda’s focused on rubbing her clit against Jolene, who’s so worked up trying to feel the moment that she forgot to turn off the shower. Or maybe they meant to leave it on, so the guys over at the control room won’t hear their moans bouncing off the walls of the shower room.

After seeing these pictures, I can now confirm that Jolene Blalock would definitely look hot in a lesbian porn movie, or at the very least, in an FFM threesome (with me in the middle). I’ll watch these two ladies as Jolene’s licking Linda’s pussy until they’re too horny to be wrestled apart from each other, after which I’ll quietly sneak in and push my cock inside Jolene’s pussy, while she’s busy sticking her tongue deep inside Linda’s loose clit. If I can manage to stick my finger up Linda’s ass as well while I’m deep fucking Jolene, then that’d be great. So while I’m doing my best to work up a fantasy before I jack off, let me throw some more pictures of Jolene Blalock having lesbian sex your way, so you can start on yours.