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Jolene Blalock in hardcore fuck pictures

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

When the mind runs out of things to visualize, we feed ’em with more images. So if you were running low on raunchy pics of Jolene Blalock’s pussy getting some cock before, don’t worry, here’s a fresh batch of pictures for you to blow your load on to. This time, Jolene is in even more hotter and sluttier positions, as she waits for a fully erect cock to enter her vagina, with a leg up in the air, and her fingers spreading her pussy as wide as they can to let the biggest dick in to achieve maximum pleasure. And you know why most of these fuck pictures carefully omit the guy’s face? No, it’s not for some crude way to keep the guy’s identity private, but so you can fill yourself in on the guy’s position without too much effort. So try doing it, right now.

That’s you behind that hot celebrity whore Jolene Blalock, crawling on your knees closer and closer, with your cock dripping with precum and itching to just home in and start grinding her pussy. But you wait, and watch Jolene build up lust, her pussy getting more and more impatient. She tries to pull your cock closer, but you back off, all the while stroking your equally impatient cock. Then without warning, you insert your cock inside her dripping pussy, and the feeling is awesome: Jolene’s loose clitoris is vibrating with every thrust you make, and her pussy is now well-lubricated from all the teasing you’ve done to her beforehand. Your cock slides easily in and out, and Jolene is now starting to do all the thrusting as she straddles you, sitting on your cock and bouncing along with her hands in the air.

Of course, I’ll leave the happy ending to you. I’m just the messenger, delivering you pictures of Jolene Blalock getting fucked, by you, no less.

Glamorous naked pics of Jolene

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Even without showing everything, Jolene Blalock manages to heat up the place, like in these photos from Maxim UK. And sometimes, the hint of something sexier and more satisfying, like a full view of tits and pussy, is more gratifying than seeing them head on. I guess that’s why a lot of people get turned on seeing celebrities sport sideboobs, cleavages, and cameltoes, even when they can just shop around online for unguarded views of pussies and tits. For example, just look at hot Jolene Blalock here cupping her breasts to hide her nipples. Of course, it’s all done to keep the photoshoot from making the move from art to pornography, but it’s Tantalus at his most subtle; being denied a view of Jolene’s perky tits and dripping pussy actually draw us in further, hoping to catch a glimpse. And then, the mind expands the view for you: you start seeing the Jolene Blalock in the picture move her hand out of the way to afford you a view of her tits, while her other hand sticks a finger, wet with saliva, on the other nipple, rubbing sensually, making her close her eyes as she lets out a moan of satisfaction. The perspective glides to the left, so you can see Jolene’s pussy, quivering to let a cock in and fuck her, slow at first, and then faster as she edges closer to orgasm.

Yep, it’s all the mind how you make the most of what’s given to you. And what I’m giving to you now are more naked pictures of hot Jolene Blalock.

Lesbian Star Trek sex from Jolene

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Star Trek fans, rejoice. Here’s some hot pictures of Jolene Blalock as T’Pol making galactic, lesbian love with Linda Park as Hoshi Sato aboard the Enterprise. With a bunch of douchebags with a one-track course to completing missions for company, it’s no wonder these two hot chicks decided to quit cocks and start munching on each other’s pussies. And I guess they realized it’s better than straight fucking, because look at these two sluts, Jolene especially: she’s so eagerly licking Linda’s clit, probably trying make her moan her loudest, and Linda’s focused on rubbing her clit against Jolene, who’s so worked up trying to feel the moment that she forgot to turn off the shower. Or maybe they meant to leave it on, so the guys over at the control room won’t hear their moans bouncing off the walls of the shower room.

After seeing these pictures, I can now confirm that Jolene Blalock would definitely look hot in a lesbian porn movie, or at the very least, in an FFM threesome (with me in the middle). I’ll watch these two ladies as Jolene’s licking Linda’s pussy until they’re too horny to be wrestled apart from each other, after which I’ll quietly sneak in and push my cock inside Jolene’s pussy, while she’s busy sticking her tongue deep inside Linda’s loose clit. If I can manage to stick my finger up Linda’s ass as well while I’m deep fucking Jolene, then that’d be great. So while I’m doing my best to work up a fantasy before I jack off, let me throw some more pictures of Jolene Blalock having lesbian sex your way, so you can start on yours.